Ian Hore


Ian Hore is a passionate advocate for the creation of delightful spaces, to enhance living, working, learning and playing. A Consultant at Walter Brooke, he tirelessly promotes the resolution between practical good sense and creative inspiration to achieve the best result for every design.

His extensive knowledge of planning, master planning and urban integration is honed with specialist expertise in the development of educational facilities, and sports and recreation facility planning. With his dedication to continued professional development and active industry involvement, Ian stands with the vanguard of current thinking and imbues his in-depth understanding of client aims and priorities with a fresh, contemporary perspective.

Ian’s master planning processes define a creative framework for targeted development, strategically reinforcing the core business practices of such outstanding sites as Carrick Hill, the Adelaide Oval precinct, and schools such as Mercedes College, St John’s Grammar School and Pulteney Grammar School.

As a proactive leader, Ian collaboratively defines roles and expectations, facilitating clear outputs aligned with key program milestones. On the prestigious Adelaide Oval Redevelopment, Ian successfully led multiple large teams including interior planning works and external civic works – the outcome is a triumphant manifestation of productive and organised teamwork.

Ian keenly explores opportunities for ongoing improvement, challenging preconceptions and testing new ideas against a wealth of practical experience. His long-range vision promotes specialised yet flexible spaces to anticipate evolving uses, and encourages holistic sustainability for enduring value. Ian leads Walter Brooke teams in their aspiration to create emotionally generous spaces that refresh and raise the human spirit. 

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