Carolyn Oades

Associate Director

Carolyn Oades is a positive and inspiring leader, highly regarded for her considered, intelligent approach to architecture. An Associate Director at Walter Brooke, Carolyn invests in client engagement, forging a strong rapport and consistently earning their trust and respect. Calm and approachable, she provides client support with clear, relevant assistance, inspiring confidence and inviting collaboration.

Over 25 years Carolyn has accumulated a wealth of experience with significant expertise in master planning and the delivery of exceptional stand-alone buildings in many sectors including education and commercial, with a thorough proficiency in the legislative complexities of government and DPTI work. Several years in England and Ireland have contributed to her broad vision and contextually-sensitive design approach.

Carolyn is adept at mentoring staff to foster developing skillsets and harness fresh ideas. Her industry involvement, including the committee for CEFPI (Council for Educational Facility Planners International), ensures her ongoing awareness of emerging trends in relevant fields such as pedagogy.

Evident in her recently completed Nairne and Para Hills Primary Schools, Carolyn is a strong advocate for quality facility design improving well-being, development and learning outcomes. She is keen to research, embrace and develop client philosophies to deliver excellent responsive, customised outcomes, as in the Adelaide North Special School project. Her master planning, stakeholder engagement and community consultation expertise has been effectively implemented in many projects such as the Carrick Hill and Lockleys Oval master plans.

Carolyn seeks flexible, creative and inspired responses to design challenges, balanced with practical efficiency in layout and construction. She aims to create spaces that delight end users and tread lightly on the planet.

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